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Once your application is submitted, our certified medical marijuana doctor will review your application and determine your eligibility within 48 hours. We will call you with your results and to schedule your appointment at our closet clinic. To begin, apply for your card here!

Certified Medical Marijuana Physicians in Maine

Step 1. See if you qualify for medical marijuana with a quick online application.

Step 2. Our doctor will review your application and schedule a clinic appointment.

Step 3. We will provide you with everything you need to get your card!

Maine medical marijuana card Maine medical marijuana

We make getting your medical marijuana card in Maine easy! Just apply online and see if you qualify. Once we review your medical records, we can schedule a time for you to receive your doctors recommendation and medical marijuana card.

"Best Medical Marijuana Doctor in Maine!" -ezMedicalCards

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Basic Qualifications

Are you 18 or older?
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Qualifiying Medical Conditions

Severe Pain  
Muscle spasms
Multi. Sclerosis
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